Young Ones is a charitable organization that works to break down the economic and social barriers faced by youth experiencing mental health challenges. Our mission is to assist youth in realizing better mental health through the provision of support, treatment and education from a harm reduction perspective. In partnership with our team of mental health professionals, we provide timely access to treatment and support for youth ages 13 to 24, who are in financial need and struggling with mental health challenges, addictions or concurrent disorders. We are dedicated to raising awareness around mental health challenges and offer anti-stigma education programs facilitated by consumer-survivors.

“We care because we’ve been there” — and we mean it.


Young Ones envisions a future where mental health challenges are not a mark of shame, but rather a signifier of individual difference and unique experience, and where youth are able to quickly and easily access the treatment and support they need. We are building towards this future by working to address the common barriers of financial need, long waiting lists and wide-spread discrimination.