Young Ones Announces Partnership With The Chateau Group

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    Young Ones Announces Partnership With The Chateau Group

    We are thrilled to announce that The Chateau Group has joined our list of alliances. A portion of their proceeds will be donated to Young Ones, so that we can continue to provide free treatment services to GTA youth with mental health and addictions challenges, and to stand up against...
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    It’s Never too Late to Elevate!

    by Nessa “This is too hard!” “Math and I don’t get along” “I’m not good at this” Do any of the statements above look familiar? As a student I had difficulty understanding and applying math concepts. When faced with challenging equations, I often felt I wasn’t “smart enough” and became...
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    365 days of Love

    by Nessa It’s that time again – the hustle and bustle of January has gone and past as we make way for the chocolates and roses of February’s Valentine Day. Whether you celebrate Valentine Day or not, every day can be an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones or express...
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    What does your vision of 2016 look like?

    by Kristen Bellows I’ve never been one for New Years Resolutions or personal goals in general. I always felt like I had to do the same old resolutions: Go to the gym, eat better, lose weight etc. I wanted to do none of those things! I knew I wouldn’t commit...
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    Dining to Break Barriers

    Young Ones; Breaking Barriers is thrilled to have the support of the Queen Mother Café for their new fundraising initiative; Dining to Break Barriers. Dining to Break Barriers will have diners eat at a great local restaurant, while a portion of revenue from the evening will go towards Young Ones’...
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    Happy Places

    by Mewjikai I have come out of my struggles by doing what I want to do in life, drawing allowed that. Something I’ve always tried to put my feelings into and use it to vent out my own problems. When I was younger I never had a way to vent...
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    The Written Word

    by Mhairi Used with permission from original author Writing as a therapeutic and artistic expression has been frequently suggested to me throughout my recovery as a positive coping strategy due to the difficulties I have verbally expressing my struggles. From a therapeutic standpoint, I think writing can be very beneficial...

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